About Our Range

The range was established with the singular purpose, to provide the surrounding communities with a safe, and well maintained shooting facility.

Lotus Gun Range is a public, and indoor, shooting range with 16 lanes for customers and civilians. People who come here, can; shoot, train, learn and further their own shooting experiences. This is all done, under a safe and supervised environment. The range consists of two stories of shooting lanes, with yardages of 22 and 25 yards.


We recruited Carey’s Air to help develop the air system for our one of a kind firing range.
Carey’s Air is using their patented Energy Recovery System. This system allows all enclosed air in the range to be turned over every 80 seconds, so in other words you will always have fresh air. No musky smell, no smoke looming over your head and no feeling like you just had a pack of cigarettes.

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