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An “FFL” is a Federal Firearm License. There are currently over 58,000 FFL licensees nationwide. FFL holders are commonly gun stores, pawn shops, and retail sporting goods stores. However, there are also many individuals that hold an FFL. All firearms sold to individuals online, must be shipped to a local FFL holder, who will then transfer the firearm (via ATF form 4473, and associated background check) to the individual.


Lotus Gunworks charges $35.00 transfer fee.


Yes, we do on a case-by-case basis.


Yes! We trade and buy used firearms from individuals. Come in-store, and we can always take a look at what you have.


Before you are able to take possession of your firearm from your dealer, you’ll be required to pass a background check. This is a fairly simple process. You’ll fill out the form below, and your dealer will call the information in, to the FBI NICS. Typically, while your dealer is on the phone, he’ll receive one of the following responses – approved, delayed, or denied. Please check your state and local regulations as well, since several states/locals have additional requirements.


Yes! We do offer Military, Law Enforcement discounts. We also proudly carry GLOCK Blue Label guns. This is a special program whereby Glock provides discounts for our first responders.


There are many factors in choosing the right firearm for a person. We always recommend that you purchase a gift certificate for the person, with whom you wish to purchase a firearm for, and allow them to come into the store,. They can then work with our sales professional, when making their decisions.

How many yards is the gun range?

We have 8 lanes with a shooting distance of 25 Yards and 8 lanes at 20 yards.

Is your range open to the public?

Lotus Gun Range is open to the public 7 Days a week. We also offer numerous memberships starting at $24.99.

What Calibers are allowed on the range?

We allow any and all pistol calibers and rifle calibers up to and including 308 Winchester.

Do you have rental guns?

We have the largest number of rental and demo firearms on the Treasure Coast and growing. You have over 150 firearms at your disposal when at the gun range. Learn more here!

How should I bring a firearm to your gun range?

We prefer a closed case, unloaded and the action locked open.

Do you allow us to bring our own ammunition?

Yes. Although we are very competitive with our pricing we do allow you to bring outside ammunition into our range. One of our RSO’s will inspect the ammunition before entering the range. We do not allow incendiary, tracers or armor piercing (steel core) rounds to be fired at our range.

Are minors allowed on the gun range?

Yes. Children of 10 years of age or older are allowed on the range with a legal guardian and anyone under 18 years of age will need a legal guardian present.

Do I need instruction before shooting at your range?

Although you do not need instruction we do require a brief overview of the firearms you will be shooting regarding their functions and safeties. We do however recommend instruction for new shooters prior to live fire on the range.

What is the dress code for the gun range?

Shooters must wear clothing that helps protect their skin. No open toed shoes (sandals), sleeveless shirts or low blouses are permitted on the range.

Can we take pictures in the range?

Yes, just don’t forget to tag us on our social media sites! We love to see our customers having a fun time.
TwitterInstagram, and Facebook

Do you allow reservations?

We do not allow reservations of lanes at this time. Members do however get priority lane placement.

Do you have a gunsmith?

No. However we do have an elite group of firearm enthusiasts which have Armor level certifications for many of the major manufactures.

Do you offer any firearm cleaning services?

Yes. We offer Ultra-sonic cleaning for all firearms for only $35 and up per gun. If you want a more detailed cleaning, we offer an hourly price depending on the firearm.

Can I special order a firearm?

Yes. We can get nearly any gun for you depending on availability. If the firearm is unavailable through our dealers, then we can always put you on our wish list.

Concealed Carry FAQ

How long is the class?

The class last approximately 3 ½ hours.

Does this class teach me how to shoot?

No. This class is primarily focused on learning the concealed carry laws for the State of Florida. There is a brief firearms safety and handling assessment prior to the start of class, but this does not, nor is it intended to, replace proper firearms instruction. Instruction can be scheduled separately from the CCW class.

Do I need a reservation or can I just show up for the class?

You will need to make a reservation. The class usually fills up, so there is no guarantee of a seat being available at the start of class unless you have booked it in advance. This can be done either at the range, or through our website.

Do I need to bring a gun?

No. There will be a brief assessment with the instructor prior to class to demonstrate proper firearm safety and handling. We will provide the firearm and ammunition needed for the course.

Will I have my CCW permit once I complete the class?

No. You will receive a certificate of completion for the class, which you need when applying for your permit.

What do I do with the certificate once I complete the class?

You will take the certificate to one of the nearby government offices that accepts CCW permit applications and present it when you complete the application, fingerprints and photos. This can all be completed at several locations, with an appointment, and this information will be provided in more detail during the class.

Are there any fees other than the class fee?

Yes. When you submit your application to the State, you will pay the State fee for the CCW permit which will range from $102 – $124, depending on where you file your application. This information will be provided in more detail during the class.

I’m a veteran. I heard I don’t need this class. Is that true?

That is true. You can submit a DD214 with your application instead of the certificate from this course. The thing to remember is this course will teach you the concealed carry laws for the State of Florida, which is something the military did not teach you. If you choose this option, you are responsible for finding the laws on your own.

In how many States will my Florida CCW permit be valid?

Currently there are 39 states that recognize a Florida resident CCW permit. The current list can be found on the Florida Dept. of Agriculture website and it is constantly changing, so be sure to keep up with the current laws and reciprocity agreements.

I’m from another state. Can I still get a Florida CCW permit?

Yes. You will receive a Non-Resident Permit. While this won’t make a difference within Florida, there are a few states that do not offer reciprocity with a Florida Non-Resident Permit. This list is constantly changing, so be sure to keep up with the current laws and reciprocity agreements.

How long will it take to get my permit once I submit my application?

This timeframe changes along with the current backlog of applications. The State has 90 days from the receipt of the application to either issue the permit or deny the application. The time is frequently less than this and we have seen permits issued anywhere from two weeks to two months after the application is submitted.

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